Presentation Counts

Attorneys, here's another reason why presentation counts...

You might think it's substance that is most important. And I don't argue that it isn't.

However, from your client's perspective, the care you put into how your documents are presented delivers the message to them that not only do you care about the quality of your work, you care about them and their trust, confidence and esteem. It shows that you care about how your work reflects on them.

Sloppiness sends an opposite message. It says to them "You aren't important enough for me to pay attention."

It also makes you look harried and hard-pressed.

If they get the impression that you're too busy to do things well, they may wonder how well their legal matters are being handled. It can make them reluctant to bring you future work.

So not only is presentation and attention to detail good marketing, it's also good for client relations and service.

Don't make the mistake of thinking it doesn't matter to them. Even the most laid-back client cares about how you make him/her look.

Plus, you always want to show, not tell.

It's easy to say you care about your clients (and I have no doubt that you do), but nothing speaks with more volume than showing them. Because they are always seeking evidence of that even while they may never voice it.

Taking care with the presentation of your work (typography, readability, spelling, punctuation, grammar, layout, etc.) is one of the easiest, most elegant, least costly ways to demonstrate that care.

These are the things I'm taking care of for you while you concentrate on the substance.